Saturday, December 10, 2016

Today at the woodland, looking for nature's wonders

today - my friend and me have a little walk in the woodland. And despite of the fact that it is a middle of  December, we walked only in our sweaters - it was that warm! In Poland, there shouldn't be like in the middle of December in Spain, or somewhere further on the eastern side of the world, so it was...weird. We walked and collected some nature's wonders and had a beautiful day filled with peace and nature...and botanics. Here are some photographs from today:

Thursday, November 10, 2016

from late summer to late autumn

Well, hello there dear friends. It has been a while. I've come here to tell you that I am still very active at my Instagram and Youtube channel. And also - my facebook page.
Here is a short story what I have been doing these last couple of months:

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Instagram giveaway!

Instagram giveaway!

Dear Friends, as a huge thank you for all your support and being the kindest to me and for all of you - my >20k followers on Instagram - you are all brilliant. I am so so happy that I have all of you. I made a decision to host a giveaway for you! The last one was during winter and my post wasn't working properly, but I hope that this time it will all go amazingly easy and that the winner will get the parcel full of my love and the love of polish landscape and nature. As a main prize I choose to give you one of my botanical books and a lovely bracelet I made while I was near my beloved Baltic sea. It also is full of pressed flowers, ephemera, old pictures and stickers with plants. Excited? If so - here is what you have to do to enter - you must be following me and my facebook page and repost this photo on Instagram using #moonriselan20k and then tag me馃尫馃尭馃崈 And that's it! This giveaway ends on 20th August - that's my birthday馃尯馃悋馃尶 Then I will choose a lucky winner 馃尀 Good luck to all of you! Cheers! Of someone does not have Instagram - you can just make the facebook part, lots of love<3

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Warm days of July

Hello dears,
my days are now really peaceful and calm and I'm starting to enjoy it. I am in some kind of a routine and it is reavealing in some point after all those months where I was not that liking everything. But hey - I'm getting back to letters and my more artsy style and soon you will see some updates in my shop, I'm finally reopening at the end of August. I'll be updating you soon how am I doing with all of that, but I hope that you are excited as much as I am.

Here, I have some photographs from Warsaw left like these amazing flowers:

Saturday, July 9, 2016


As I am finally having a short break, (well, I still work and everything, but at least I have a break with my studies and I don't have to think about that for about a month) my entire worl has slowed down a bit and it's not as full of mixed emotions as it was three months ago. I just slowed down and make myself happy just being me. It was a time full of different thought, lost friends and being able to get up and have a good day instead. So, I felt like I was completely alone and not able to do anything about it, because I surely needed a break from my broken hearts issues and being misunderstood. So, yeah, I did study a lot then and when I have less time to thing it is finally relaxing. Mind is such a powerful subject and of course it's not cooperating with me that good as I would wish to. I have my friend in the world when we were boys and girls - like in my high school, and suddenly I still feel lost with everything. It's always like that when everything you heard is turning into an endless lie. Which was a good thing then and you remember it and now it's makind an endless hole in your broken heart. By broken, I mean hurt several times this year. It is a weird year fo my life, I thing. Full of emotions, full of looking for something I can not yet specify. Weird feeling when you have so much of it inside your sould and it's torning you apart. Anyway, I just found myself again in art. I started to paint again and I started to read a lot of poetry. I have found all the Robert Frost and Richard Siken poems I just have hidden for moments like these. When you do realize that you have so much love to give and none of the people you have known should receive it, but you figured out that too late. That's the moment. That's the exact moment, when it is time to read that my small rome builed of pizza boxes and cookies is a bit burning. So I finally took my poems out, went on a small trip, found some peace in flowers. I just love to travel around my country. If I am lucky enough I will travel at the oen of this month to the place where wild horses appear to live and took some amazing photos - well, it must be amazing, I mean wild horses are awesome no matter how much you do suck at photographs. My collegue told me that I have my own point of view for the world. I really want to belive that. She also said that she sees me somehere in the worlf full of art and that I might be found as my own piece of artwork. It was fulfilling.  I mean really. Feeling loved or that someone is proud of you - that's the point of living a life that me and you are actually leaving. I wanted to live the dream of my life and I hope that this dream appear to be the life that I am living today. Someday, that is my dream. Now is full of...feelings. I just want to fullfill my wishes. But isn't that what everyone wants? :)

I took my camera out and here are the results:

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

the bieginning of may

Hello, today is the second part of my trip to the botsnical garden + how I spend my free days of May. I had finally some free days and it made me incredibly happy. This the view from the late april, then I had some time to make some photos of my new hair and my flower crown I've prepared for the festival in Poland. You know, Krak贸w is so beautiful, especially when the spring finally came. I'm making photos of every lovely cafe here, I think I'll make it as a list eventually <3

Sunday, May 1, 2016

the botanical garden

Hello my pineapples! 
Today's post is about my latest trip to botanical garden in Krak贸w. It was lovely, it was the part of my one of the university programs and we went there to be more aware of the plants we are working with. So, here is some of my photos I took during this beautiful day. When it will be more sunny, I will go there again to show you many more, because some of the plants were still in hibernation phase after the Winter. So, here are some of my favorite plants there and some peaceful moments I wanted to share with you, because every moments with the beauty of the world are my precious ones. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rainy days in my city

Hello loves! The last couple of days was a bit rainy, but I had the chance to grab my camera and photograph some objects during this middle-storm-time and some of the plants I adore appeared in the main square and the little streets were full of blossomness. I really like the vintage feeling when I go through tiny streets of my city. It makes me feel like I was in a loop made out of time. Lovely to observe such things. It was quite suprising. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

And then the Spring came

It's so warm outside. The weather started a few days ago to wake up and the morning's were a little bit misty, but it appears to blossom everywhere.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

What 2016 already brought to me

Hello dearies, I've been  so busy lately that I completely forgot to write anything on my blog. It make me so sad that I have not been updating for such a long time, but lots of thing happened to me and had completely no time nor joy in writing posts on my blog. But, hey, I'm totally back - I hope that this time it will be for a while at least. How have you been, my lovely readers? Well, I've been lovely, very into music, because my hectic life literally got me and I had only some time for dreaming? You know I am still on Instagram, but it is so much different - you upload the photo and check on the messages. And I have not been able to make up my mind to write anything with sense lately. I'm studying biology since last Summer. It is something amazing, I do lots of plants' works and it makes me so so happy. One of my dreams came true, I always wanted to dream a little dream of life and be so close to life such as I am now. I'm already thinking about my pHD. :) Well, I've been into music, as I wrote above and Bon Iver is such a blessing in everyday life. My recent music experiment is beyond amazing Ricky Wilson and his band's newest album. What have you been up to? The 8tracks is also dead since it was more cozy - if you want to keep yourself in one piece, go ahead and listen, I'll be uploading more cheerful playlists soon. Depends on my mood. I feel like it can be so so good, when I listen to my musical part of soul, you know? Go here and feel like me right now.  I'm also still into photography. I've bought my very first analog camera - Yashica and finally my real almost-professional camera - Canon. I really love it already. Here are the samples of my Canonism:

My best friend just bought a horse and we made our little memories last.
I'm not into snail mailing THAT much but I'll be back - my shop will also open soon. I'm prepping for you many new items with bugs and plants and all the little animals. If you have any floral ideas for mails or do want to letter-write and are into woodland-ish themes - write me on Instagram. I'll happily write you as my life is gettin more peaceful now and it makes me so happy I want to sing. And I'm singing - Ben Howard right now.
Here are the many things I've been up to, my also beloved collages, here you have them:
My cat when he was cute fluffy and so small. Now it is a grown up kitty, but he is still so so cute and goofy. 

And that's the mail from Tina Sosna. I adore her art and it always cheers me up. Also it looks wonderful as a collage. 

 That was the mail from dearest Kirstine. She is also such an inspiration.

That's the same kitty as above - see the difference? :)

 I've also picked many mushrooms during my woodland trips and it made me very happy.

That's my recent mail from dear Liz. She is a pure soul and you can find everything on Instagram about her, because it is the same photo of the mail you can see there. 

I've also got a mail from my dearest Ana from Spain who is one of my favorite's photographers of all time. 

The last picture about this summing-up post is my hometown Krak贸w, which is kind to me lately. Lots of love, pineapples.