Sunday, April 26, 2015

old photos found at the attic of my grandpa

Hello dearies, how are you? I am here to tell  you about the amazing things my mum found in the old things of my grandfather. She discovered a suitcase filled with old photos. The eldest ones are from 1911. And it's all with the members, generations of my family. There ae postcards from 1915, many portaits, quotes, signatures, love notes, places, diaries with photographs. It's all in a suitcase. These are the thungs that my grandpa received from his father and he gave it now to my mother, my mother will give it to me, etc...I really love it, because it's the most beautiful gift ever. to receive a history of your name and all the people that name had. How amazing is that? 

I DIDN'T KNOW THAT I'M IN GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. My life appeares to be a Wes Anderson movie.

 The girl on the photo is my grandpa's sister. And the man holding her is his dad.

Well, that's itm have you got any family collections, little reminders? I'm thrilled to know. Love x

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Actually

Hello dearies, what you've been up to? 

I've had such a hectic time in the last couple of months and I had to focus basically only on my studies and photography. I'm planning to change it, because in the half of May it will be over. I will have finally some free time then. I'm so excited! Anyway, here is a very short blog post about my recent works/thoughts and another mix, which is the illustration of my state of mind. 

 My favorite shelf in my room, it includes all the gifts from my penfriends and my beautiful findings.

 It's the mail that it's still in preparaton, for the dear Johanna from Germany.

 Here you can see 2 wonderful mails I got from Sweden and Slovenia.

 Part of the mail from Sweden.

 And that's some of my April's ideas for mails.

 That's part of the mail I got from wonderful France.

 Here's what my desk looked like when I was making mail from my friend in USA.

And here you can see what I've came up after receiving lovely mail from Bornholm.

Anyway, if you would like to listen my Spring themed mixes, here is my 8tracks. Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Friday, February 6, 2015

And the days go by

Hello you all,
I hope that you are all well during these cold and not-cozy at all winter evenings. In Poland, it's not really snowy, but grey and rainy most of the time. I am still waiting for this real, white winter, although now it's the time when I start to look at the trees, how they slowly are coming back to life...Really slow. How I wish it was Spring already. Anyway, I wanted to write you what things I've been up to lately. I've been making some mails for my foreign friends, also I finally came back to my beloved indie music and jazzy music. It's so calming and I really needed that. I have for you one of my mixes I am making on 8tracks. Hope you will enjoy it, loves. Wish you a great day.

there was no turning back from moonriselan on 8tracks Radio.

And here is couple of mails I've received this week. This one is from my new friend in China.

I love all the details and the fact that these are stickers!!!

And this one is from my new friend in France. She was so kind that she sent me one of naturalistic books which are from France.

I loved every piece of it.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Anie and her lovely shop

Hello you guys,
today I wanted to tell you a little something about dear Anie and her lovely artworks. She recently contacted with me via Instagram and we were really up for exchanging little parcels. Here are some goodies she has sent me:
chciałam dzisiaj Wam opowiedzieć trochę o sklepie Anie z Kanady. Anie ma sklep z przepięknymi rzeczami, które właśnie Wam zaraz pokażę. Skontaktowałyśmy się przez IG i byłyśmy obie bardzo chętne na wymianę paczuszek. Oto, co było w środku:

Anie is making inspired by forest and woodland brooches. Here is the one she sent me: a lovely sleepin fawn.
Anie inspiruje się lasami i tego typu tematami i robi broszki. Ta jest ze śpiącą łanią.

I fing this "tag" really cute and touching, so I had to put it close to my plants.
Ta etykietka jest przecudowna i od razu znalazła się koło mojego kwiatka.

She also makes different kind of jeweleries like this leaf impresionating ring. Isn't it the greatest?!
Robi również innego rodzaju biżuterię, jak ten pierścionek-liść. Cudny, prawda?

Hand-made bows are the best too. I love the pattern of this one. She has also sent me some fabrics! 
Kokardka do włosów z pięknej tkaniny - również dostałam parę na własny użytek. :)

It is really winterly inspired photoshoot and I really loved making it. If you would like to see more of  her works, (and she has amazing mushroom rings!!!) go to her Instagam or blog.
Bardzo zimowa ta "sesja", ale bardzo mi się podoba i fajnie było ją zrobić. Jeśli chcecie zobaczyć więcej z biżuterii Anie, wpadnijcie na jej blog lub IG. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Amazing gift for Christmas from Alessa in Germany

Hello guys, I wanted to show you what my dearest Alessa has sent me for a beleted Christmas gift. I was so spoiled!

Mały prezent od Alessy z Niemiec, jako spóźniona gwiazdkowa niespodzianka. Cudowności! 

 All was so cute wrapped and all was so amazing while unpacking. She made so many lovely things!

Wszystko było cudownie zapakowane i Alessa zrobiła mi dużo przepięknych rzeczy!

She made me her special Chai syrup. I will have to try it soon with some tea or coffee, but I can tell you by how it looks like that it's delicious!

Zrobiła mi swój specjalny syrop, którego dopiero będę miała szansę spróbować z kawą lub herbatą. Ale po samym wyglądzie, mówię Wam, jest przepyszny :D

 And the cute little mushrooms!

I te cudowne małe grzybki! 

 The most vintage thing ever was this socket for tea. Amazing.

Najbardziej vintage była ta podstawka pod herbatę! 

 That was a really vintage and full of love package. This botanical napkin was beautiful.

Dostałam również serwetkę z botanicznym motywem.

 And this fox was something really marvelous I've always wanted to have!

A ten lisek to był strzał w dziesiątkę! 

Also, yesterday I've received a lovely mail from Russia with the cutest bee stamp!

Wczoraj również dostałam list z Rosji z przepięknym znaczkiem z pszczołą. :)