Friday, February 6, 2015

And the days go by

Hello you all,
I hope that you are all well during these cold and not-cozy at all winter evenings. In Poland, it's not really snowy, but grey and rainy most of the time. I am still waiting for this real, white winter, although now it's the time when I start to look at the trees, how they slowly are coming back to life...Really slow. How I wish it was Spring already. Anyway, I wanted to write you what things I've been up to lately. I've been making some mails for my foreign friends, also I finally came back to my beloved indie music and jazzy music. It's so calming and I really needed that. I have for you one of my mixes I am making on 8tracks. Hope you will enjoy it, loves. Wish you a great day.

there was no turning back from moonriselan on 8tracks Radio.

And here is couple of mails I've received this week. This one is from my new friend in China.

I love all the details and the fact that these are stickers!!!

And this one is from my new friend in France. She was so kind that she sent me one of naturalistic books which are from France.

I loved every piece of it.


  1. I love all of those colorful stickers! Your mail updates are wonderful and cheer me up during the long Canadian winters too. :)

  2. oba listy przepiękne! :) A ja własnie mam już dość tej białej zimy... Od prawie 2 tygodni śnieg leży, lekko topnieje, potem zamarza, sypie nowy i jest ślisko jak nie wiem :( Dlatego właśnie strasznie nie mogę doczekać się wiosny <3

  3. Oh, those stickers are adorable and the naturalistic book as well! Hope you're fine, Pattie and to hear from you, soon! ♥

  4. O matko, cudowne! Zakochałam się w tych naklejkach <3

  5. Your Instagram feeds is so beautiful !! I'm very busy, but I will try to find a moment to read your post here ! I swear ! Lot of love.