Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Harper Family Apothecary

Hello guys, it has been such a long time before I have written here anything. I hope that you are good, I have a few items for you I have to tell you about, because these are so related to nature and I love it. I've recently got a package of good from such a lovely people in Texas and I fell in love with the things they are making. The Harper Family Apothecary found me via my Instagram and sent me many goodies including some skin products, herbal and fruit flavoured teas. I loved all of it. The whole packed looked and was nature friendly, all of those things were organic and that is why I was so happy about it. The ingredients used in all of those products were so natural <3

I actually had the chance to try the vapor rub and it really helped me. Love the minty smell. 

  These are the Herbal teas. I personally loved the hibiscus one and I'm so glad that I've tasted it!

  The rose toner has such an intense smell that when I accidentaly have it open in my shelf the smell is there until now and this happened two weeks ago. Love it - it's so sweet and cute smell.

  This is a soap from raw goats milk - amazingly soft and tender.

And finally the nourishing serum made my skin a bit softer and much smoother. Loved it. 

That's all I have for you today guys. Keep updated, because I'll be having major things coming in the next month so be prepared! Lots of love!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Today at the woodland, looking for nature's wonders

today - my friend and me have a little walk in the woodland. And despite of the fact that it is a middle of  December, we walked only in our sweaters - it was that warm! In Poland, there shouldn't be like in the middle of December in Spain, or somewhere further on the eastern side of the world, so it was...weird. We walked and collected some nature's wonders and had a beautiful day filled with peace and nature...and botanics. Here are some photographs from today:

This tiny woodland looked so mysterious and peaceful, we loved it. We even had to go on the other side of the tiniest river, so double love!

 That's my loveliest friend. We have found some wanderful leaves and the walk was also full of books...and weird conversations about everythning. 

 It was also a beautiful sunset. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

from late summer to late autumn

Well, hello there dear friends. It has been a while. I've come here to tell you that I am still very active at my Instagram and Youtube channel. And also - my facebook page.
Here is a short story what I have been doing these last couple of months:

At first me & my beautiful friend had a lovely trip at the woodland and we were making lots of photographs while I was talking about our city's forest. It was a late summer so it was less green there than in the other part of my city. Lovely view and the chilly air was the best thing ever.

 Then the real autumn came. I had lots of walk with my dog who just loves to stare at the red leaves and play with the colourful grass.

It became cozy and chilly, so I was very happy to stay at home with in a wooly jumper and drink some hot tea or coffee while reading my beloved books. 

 My room consists of many woodland findings and my cats are aware of that, so whenever I'm taking photos of them they have one pinecone on their eyesight, I am not into witchcraft yet so they will be perfectly still without a reason.

I adore cozy autumn evenings. 

I had finally some time to write letters to my three beautiful friends. One in Poland, one in France and one in Germany. 

That's today - a day full of books, cozy sweaters and books about mushrooms. I am making also a little makeover of my whole room so it would feel more botanical or artsy - at least I hope so. The first thing I am doing is to paint the walls all white. My cat, Toffee, is guarding the botanical books as in the picture above. He seems to accept my photographic side and love those books as much as I do. 

Well, that's it for you today - I have also made a little cozy playlist, so feel free to watch it, I wnted to make it my own and how I specifically feel this month:

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Instagram giveaway!

Dear Friends, as a huge thank you for all your support and being the kindest to me and for all of you - my >20k followers on Instagram - you are all brilliant. I am so so happy that I have all of you. I made a decision to host a giveaway for you! The last one was during winter and my post wasn't working properly, but I hope that this time it will all go amazingly easy and that the winner will get the parcel full of my love and the love of polish landscape and nature. As a main prize I choose to give you one of my botanical books and a lovely bracelet I made while I was near my beloved Baltic sea. It also is full of pressed flowers, ephemera, old pictures and stickers with plants. Excited? If so - here is what you have to do to enter - you must be following me and my facebook page and repost this photo on Instagram using #moonriselan20k and then tag me馃尫馃尭馃崈 And that's it! This giveaway ends on 20th August - that's my birthday馃尯馃悋馃尶 Then I will choose a lucky winner 馃尀 Good luck to all of you! Cheers! Of someone does not have Instagram - you can just make the facebook part, lots of love<3

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Warm days od July

Hello dears,
my days are now really peaceful and calm and I'm starting to enjoy it. I am in some kind of a routine and it is reavealing in some point after all those months where I was not that liking everything. But hey - I'm getting back to letters and my more artsy style and soon you will see some updates in my shop, I'm finally reopening at the end of August. I'll be updating you soon how am I doing with all of that, but I hope that you are excited as much as I am.

Here, I have some photographs from Warsaw left like these amazing flowers:

 I'm getting back to my lovely letters and having some fun with it. <3

This is my favorite kind of day - it was a rainy day and I was going through my old letters with my old friends and this is the best.

Frida mood <3 My favorite woman of all time. I love her so much. 

My flowers around my university. Isn't it beautiful?

And that's the old photo which describes me whole - adventures and camera. Ready, set....go? 

Cheers loves