Friday, June 13, 2014

One more look: for the sweetest mail again from Germany

I absolutely love mails from Germany. It's all about the most wonderful people around there. This lovely one is from Nina in Dresden. It was that sweet that even my cat liked it!

 I received this mail as a part of a swap suggested by Nina. The inside was pretty marvelous. There was a pile of handmade envelopes including the one with a map which can be seen above. 

 Some f the pressed flowers, birdie themes and more envelopes just for me! 

 I adored everything what Nina has sent me. It was a privelidge to read her words written with a little help from a typewriter.

Oh, and there was some German stamps, which was just superb to receive.

If you are interested in any other her craft ideas, go and check her Pinterest or Instagram page. Or even check her ideas by visiting her blog.  She has a beautiful mind! 
Love, Pattie