Saturday, December 10, 2016

Today at the woodland, looking for nature's wonders

today - my friend and me have a little walk in the woodland. And despite of the fact that it is a middle of  December, we walked only in our sweaters - it was that warm! In Poland, there shouldn't be like in the middle of December in Spain, or somewhere further on the eastern side of the world, so it was...weird. We walked and collected some nature's wonders and had a beautiful day filled with peace and nature...and botanics. Here are some photographs from today:

This tiny woodland looked so mysterious and peaceful, we loved it. We even had to go on the other side of the tiniest river, so double love!

 That's my loveliest friend. We have found some wanderful leaves and the walk was also full of books...and weird conversations about everythning. 

 It was also a beautiful sunset. 


  1. Amazing pictures! What is your camera and lenses? So beautiful the bokeh is on your mushroom-photo! I'm glad, that I find your blog and insta, so much inspirations! :)

    1. Hello! It's basically my Canon and 50mm lens ❤

  2. Czy masz może w planach napisanie postu o swojej kolekcji pięknych botanicznych książek? Przyznam, że zawsze na instagramie wzdycham do zdjęć na których one się pojawiają. :)

  3. Tak:) bedzie na ten temat post oraz video <3 pozdrawiam ❤

  4. I always falling in love with your lovely picture! Thanks for sharing!