Thursday, November 10, 2016

from late summer to late autumn

Well, hello there dear friends. It has been a while. I've come here to tell you that I am still very active at my Instagram and Youtube channel. And also - my facebook page.
Here is a short story what I have been doing these last couple of months:

At first me & my beautiful friend had a lovely trip at the woodland and we were making lots of photographs while I was talking about our city's forest. It was a late summer so it was less green there than in the other part of my city. Lovely view and the chilly air was the best thing ever.

 Then the real autumn came. I had lots of walk with my dog who just loves to stare at the red leaves and play with the colourful grass.

It became cozy and chilly, so I was very happy to stay at home with in a wooly jumper and drink some hot tea or coffee while reading my beloved books. 

 My room consists of many woodland findings and my cats are aware of that, so whenever I'm taking photos of them they have one pinecone on their eyesight, I am not into witchcraft yet so they will be perfectly still without a reason.

I adore cozy autumn evenings. 

I had finally some time to write letters to my three beautiful friends. One in Poland, one in France and one in Germany. 

That's today - a day full of books, cozy sweaters and books about mushrooms. I am making also a little makeover of my whole room so it would feel more botanical or artsy - at least I hope so. The first thing I am doing is to paint the walls all white. My cat, Toffee, is guarding the botanical books as in the picture above. He seems to accept my photographic side and love those books as much as I do. 

Well, that's it for you today - I have also made a little cozy playlist, so feel free to watch it, I wnted to make it my own and how I specifically feel this month:

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