Friday, July 7, 2017

Seaweed Kisses

My friend and I recently had a little trip together to the Baltic Sea. It was all fun and games, even though it was raining like hell.
But, the colours did work well and I was stunned by the views during storms and rains.

 I actually saw a variety of birds, like swans and seagulls and it made me so happy, because you could simply go to them, thwy were not afraid of humans and take a photograph. Simply amazing.

  That's the view here after the heavy rain. The sand looked a bit purple and the sea had this dirty shade of blue. Also, there were lots of shells to collect and treasure.

   The sky during the heaviest rain - it was so raining, that when I got to the beach I was soaking wet and had to run away immidiately.

I've also had some time there while there were sunny and peaceful and this is the colour I personally adore while being overseas. 

 That's the most favorite tone of blue - looks a bit like Lush Cosmetics here :D

I had a lovely days while wandering in rain near the Baltic Sea. That's one of my favorite places, Polish side of the sea is really specific and my mum love it so much, we had a little break, that's actually one of my first vacations since I've started to "adult", so it was really amazing. How's your begining of the Holidays? I'll update you soon how's mine, becase me and my friend Michelle are planning a little trip over Germany which made me so excited, you have no idea! That's it for now, have a good one.

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  1. Sopot city? It looks like Sopot pier :) I also love Baltic Sea! But I prefer smaller cities, I love to spend my holiday in quiet places :)
    Where are you from?