Sunday, September 21, 2014

About my recent works

Hello, hello my friends!
It has been a while sice I wrote there a note about my project and things around this. I was a walking mess in a couple of past weeks, so I think it's about time for me to write something new a finally update my blog. 
I'm making a lot of mails (as usual) lately and I've changed a bit my whole design, which might be seen in my shop. I'm still making a lot of ephemeral items, but now it's great to have some ideas for the newest design. Here's what was new on Instagram (link on the left side):

All of these were made of odl books. I totally love the concept of each book made for children and it looks awesome onto the envelope. 

Here's what I've put for my friend in Seattle as I know she loves cats. She'll find some purrfect kitties just for her inside.  
I wanted to write a long time ago about a website called postallove.
It's a very neat website, where I have found some nice stamp stickers. 
Now, I had birthday last month and my new, wonderful friend suprised me with a hugee package and inside was some treasures. Don't want to show it by now, but I'll definitely photograph her another beautiful mail. I guess she knows me so well, already! 
Here's tomorrow outgoing. I'm kind of proud of them, these designs looks quite pretty onto the orginary envelope.  
Here's another book design.  
And finally I wanted to write that Katelin from A Love Letter Project  asked me a while ago to design a postcard, so I did that and the final effect of the postcard (above one is not finished yet, obviously) could be seen on her side available to buy ;) 

Oh, and there is something new: I have signed up to the Postal Society! How cool is that?! 
Ok, that's it for now, take care ya'll