Friday, July 14, 2017

For the love of Botanicals

My friend and I had a little trip together and we went to our favorite place - the garden in my city. It was half sunny, half rainy, but eventually, we made it to be completely dry and have a little laugh near our river later.

We saw the cutest collections of succulents in one place. Amazing, my friend is crazy over them so she was running like a little fawn among these.

 This is my most favorite, has so much peace inside and it looks soo beautiful

 I finally managed to have a photograph where you can finally see my tattoo of a fern.

The Secret Garden - we loved the surrounding there.

Now, I have a busy week, but will try to update soon. Hope you have a great day. I will be going to see London for the very first time in the next month, so I am very excited. Also, I'm making some suprises for you, more on the blog soon. <3


  1. I also love botanical gardens! In the city I live we have 2 botanical gardens. I've tried to keep growing some succulents, but few of them are dead, I have no idea why :( I took care of them!
    I really like your tattoo :)

    1. *succulents which I have at home ;)