Friday, May 30, 2014

One more look: for how gorgeous was mail from Tina Sosna

Quite a long time ago I've gotten a beautiful mail from Tina in Germany. It was such a suprise, because I'm always so spoiled with the people's of Instagram kindness and creativity. Tina have sent me an email with nature tunes and floral - birdal theme. I absolutely loved it as for all of  her works:
 The mail started with a birdie envelope, then some handmade goodies made by herself, some tags and labels and this little pile on the bottom is full of cute envelopes with the main theme.

 Tina also sent me some seeds, which was so so amazing. Inside the envelope were many lonely pressed flowers straight from Germany.

 There was a letter written on a typerwriter, which completely made my day and really ecouraged my mum to buy me my own one. 

I love the swaps idea for its way of preparing things. I really like this kind of piles of pretty papers inside. 

Finally, there was some printables and cute animals inside the dotted envelope. And pieces of callendars with flowers with German words on it. The whole look of the mail was adorable. 
Also, I love the theme. Marvelous idea, don't you think? 

She also runs a blog and a shop and all the needed details you can find on her Instagram page.
 So, by adding this I'm starting my new (& first) blog segment: One more look, where I'll be adding and showing you the mails that left me speechless before. Just for the record and fun. I hope you all have a nice day and thank you for visiting my blog!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

hi, hey, hello

Hello guys!
 I've just started running this blog, although I have completely no time now. So, that's why I'm doing it and it makes me so happy to have the possibility to run a blog and tell you something more about my artsy side, however it sounds. So, yea, hi. I'm going to update this website very soon, the blog pages will be filled in the near future, so feel free to ask me anything, you'd like to know about me/ about snail mailing/about Poland, ayee, right! I'm from Poland, the southern land in Slavian's side of the whole Europe! My name's Pattie, but you can call me Lan, like everyone in the net world does. So, feel comfortable, enjoy yourself and we'll keep in touch!

So, the beginning is in May, hurray!

I'm currently making some snail mail kits, you can find me active on instagram as @moonriselan.  
I absolutely am in love with snail mail.

So, here is a little bit of my works. And what this blog is going to be about + some of my more private pictures. :) So, welcome!