Tuesday, May 3, 2016

the bieginning of may

Hello, today is the second part of my trip to the botsnical garden + how I spend my free days of May. I had finally some free days and it made me incredibly happy. This the view from the late april, then I had some time to make some photos of my new hair and my flower crown I've prepared for the festival in Poland. You know, Kraków is so beautiful, especially when the spring finally came. I'm making photos of every lovely cafe here, I think I'll make it as a list eventually <3

Sunday, May 1, 2016

the botanical garden

Hello my pineapples! 
Today's post is about my latest trip to botanical garden in Kraków. It was lovely, it was the part of my one of the university programs and we went there to be more aware of the plants we are working with. So, here is some of my photos I took during this beautiful day. When it will be more sunny, I will go there again to show you many more, because some of the plants were still in hibernation phase after the Winter. So, here are some of my favorite plants there and some peaceful moments I wanted to share with you, because every moments with the beauty of the world are my precious ones.