Thursday, May 29, 2014

hi, hey, hello

Hello guys!
 I've just started running this blog, although I have completely no time now. So, that's why I'm doing it and it makes me so happy to have the possibility to run a blog and tell you something more about my artsy side, however it sounds. So, yea, hi. I'm going to update this website very soon, the blog pages will be filled in the near future, so feel free to ask me anything, you'd like to know about me/ about snail mailing/about Poland, ayee, right! I'm from Poland, the southern land in Slavian's side of the whole Europe! My name's Pattie, but you can call me Lan, like everyone in the net world does. So, feel comfortable, enjoy yourself and we'll keep in touch!

So, the beginning is in May, hurray!

I'm currently making some snail mail kits, you can find me active on instagram as @moonriselan.  
I absolutely am in love with snail mail.

So, here is a little bit of my works. And what this blog is going to be about + some of my more private pictures. :) So, welcome!

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  1. Twój blog jest prześliczny. Od razu obserwuję. Buziaki :*