Saturday, October 18, 2014

Forest in a box - very good mail day

Yesterday, when I was having an awful day, I came home and found this beautiful mail at my bed from Jennifer.I have fallen in love with her works previously, when I saw her mail at, so it was twice my happiness. I was just thrilled, because it was a package covered with an old map - great view, I love old maps, so it was a pleasure to watch. I had to fight with the glue for a moment, but when I finally opened the parcel, this is what was inside:

 This little mushroom was the first thing I saw! My mum loved it and said that it would be perfect to hang it on our Christmass Tree, so probably this what my mum will make to the poor mushroom.

Inside was so many things, all in a woodland theme. 

If it's a woodland theme, there must be the forest somewhere...That was such a great idea!

The first little things in a box. Including "G", which I loved. 

Some more of the prettiness inside and a lot of squirrels! 

And finally the whole end up into ephemeral "style". I really loved all of the old postcards and pictures Jen put there for me.  Anyway, I'm still a bit speechless, so if you'd ever would like to see what other thins she's making, come by and visit her a the Instagram. 
See you soon,