Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rainy days in my city

Hello loves! The last couple of days was a bit rainy, but I had the chance to grab my camera and photograph some objects during this middle-storm-time and some of the plants I adore appeared in the main square and the little streets were full of blossomness. I really like the vintage feeling when I go through tiny streets of my city. It makes me feel like I was in a loop made out of time. Lovely to observe such things. It was quite suprising. 

This is a restaurant, which really looks like it was taken from an Italian-romance movie! 

Even though it wasthat rainy, the streets was full of people and full of life.

 I'm also never missing a chance to have a photograph with flowers.

 I'm still having a hectic time and all of the things is happening at the same time, but I manage to have some artistic photographs. I have to finally go and take some photos in the woods/meadow so the light will turn great. Also, I'm starting (reaalllly slow) to make an announcement about the future thing going on in my shop. I hope I will open it at the end of July. Wish me luck. I'm also hosting a giveaway on Instagram soon. Keep updated!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

And then the Spring came

It's so warm outside. The weather started a few days ago to wake up and the morning's were a little bit misty, but it appears to blossom everywhere.

The trees I am passing everyday when I go to my University.

 All I wanted was to say hello April and please be good to me and eventually the April did not fooled me ♡

So eventually we have my favorite season.
 My favorite plants will appear soon.

I'll be able to be at my favorite forest all days 

 Yesterday we were at the most beautiful cafe in Kraków called Botanica. Can't wait to go there when the nature will fully wake up ♡ It's a place literally full of plants.

So keep on with my photography and it's time to some analog photography. Finally.

Be good! ♡