Sunday, March 6, 2016

What 2016 already brought to me

Hello dearies, I've been  so busy lately that I completely forgot to write anything on my blog. It make me so sad that I have not been updating for such a long time, but lots of thing happened to me and had completely no time nor joy in writing posts on my blog. But, hey, I'm totally back - I hope that this time it will be for a while at least. How have you been, my lovely readers? Well, I've been lovely, very into music, because my hectic life literally got me and I had only some time for dreaming? You know I am still on Instagram, but it is so much different - you upload the photo and check on the messages. And I have not been able to make up my mind to write anything with sense lately. I'm studying biology since last Summer. It is something amazing, I do lots of plants' works and it makes me so so happy. One of my dreams came true, I always wanted to dream a little dream of life and be so close to life such as I am now. I'm already thinking about my pHD. :) Well, I've been into music, as I wrote above and Bon Iver is such a blessing in everyday life. My recent music experiment is beyond amazing Ricky Wilson and his band's newest album. What have you been up to? The 8tracks is also dead since it was more cozy - if you want to keep yourself in one piece, go ahead and listen, I'll be uploading more cheerful playlists soon. Depends on my mood. I feel like it can be so so good, when I listen to my musical part of soul, you know? Go here and feel like me right now.  I'm also still into photography. I've bought my very first analog camera - Yashica and finally my real almost-professional camera - Canon. I really love it already. Here are the samples of my Canonism:

My best friend just bought a horse and we made our little memories last.
I'm not into snail mailing THAT much but I'll be back - my shop will also open soon. I'm prepping for you many new items with bugs and plants and all the little animals. If you have any floral ideas for mails or do want to letter-write and are into woodland-ish themes - write me on Instagram. I'll happily write you as my life is gettin more peaceful now and it makes me so happy I want to sing. And I'm singing - Ben Howard right now.
Here are the many things I've been up to, my also beloved collages, here you have them:
My cat when he was cute fluffy and so small. Now it is a grown up kitty, but he is still so so cute and goofy. 

And that's the mail from Tina Sosna. I adore her art and it always cheers me up. Also it looks wonderful as a collage. 

 That was the mail from dearest Kirstine. She is also such an inspiration.

That's the same kitty as above - see the difference? :)

 I've also picked many mushrooms during my woodland trips and it made me very happy.

That's my recent mail from dear Liz. She is a pure soul and you can find everything on Instagram about her, because it is the same photo of the mail you can see there. 

I've also got a mail from my dearest Ana from Spain who is one of my favorite's photographers of all time. 

The last picture about this summing-up post is my hometown Kraków, which is kind to me lately. Lots of love, pineapples.