Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Harper Family Apothecary

Hello guys, it has been such a long time before I have written here anything. I hope that you are good, I have a few items for you I have to tell you about, because these are so related to nature and I love it. I've recently got a package of good from such a lovely people in Texas and I fell in love with the things they are making. The Harper Family Apothecary found me via my Instagram and sent me many goodies including some skin products, herbal and fruit flavoured teas. I loved all of it. The whole packed looked and was nature friendly, all of those things were organic and that is why I was so happy about it. The ingredients used in all of those products were so natural <3

I actually had the chance to try the vapor rub and it really helped me. Love the minty smell. 

  These are the Herbal teas. I personally loved the hibiscus one and I'm so glad that I've tasted it!

  The rose toner has such an intense smell that when I accidentaly have it open in my shelf the smell is there until now and this happened two weeks ago. Love it - it's so sweet and cute smell.

  This is a soap from raw goats milk - amazingly soft and tender.

And finally the nourishing serum made my skin a bit softer and much smoother. Loved it. 

That's all I have for you today guys. Keep updated, because I'll be having major things coming in the next month so be prepared! Lots of love!

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