Sunday, April 26, 2015

old photos found at the attic of my grandpa

Hello dearies, how are you? I am here to tell  you about the amazing things my mum found in the old things of my grandfather. She discovered a suitcase filled with old photos. The eldest ones are from 1911. And it's all with the members, generations of my family. There ae postcards from 1915, many portaits, quotes, signatures, love notes, places, diaries with photographs. It's all in a suitcase. These are the thungs that my grandpa received from his father and he gave it now to my mother, my mother will give it to me, etc...I really love it, because it's the most beautiful gift ever. to receive a history of your name and all the people that name had. How amazing is that? 

I DIDN'T KNOW THAT I'M IN GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. My life appeares to be a Wes Anderson movie.

 The girl on the photo is my grandpa's sister. And the man holding her is his dad.

Well, that's itm have you got any family collections, little reminders? I'm thrilled to know. Love x


  1. Też ostatnio znalazłam takie pudełko ze starymi fotografiami i pamiątkami - był nawet wśród nich list od więźnia z Auschwitz!

  2. What an absolutely wonderful collection! They're beautiful photos, and even better because they mean something to you.

  3. Te fotografie ze starych lat są takie piękne, magiczne !

  4. Przepiękne! I te charaktery pisma, mój niedościgniony lifegoal. :D