Monday, July 7, 2014

What's so good in maps? They're old, polish and military

Hello, hello there!
How are you there? I'm good, the last few days were really lazy and my holidays started with making orders done and sending mails to my friends abroad. It's so amazing, but also exhausting. After 20 in a row the same envie, my hands are starting begging me to stop. But then I'm so happy, when I'm done that I keep forgeting about the feeling of tiredness and making more. Lately, I've got more reasons to make things like that for my lovely friends, eg. my grandfather and mum really started to help me with the items needed for an order. I wanted to tell you what you can find in my shop & instagram recently. 

My grandfather was in military. He ended when he had been LT and he was a photo-topoghrapher, which (when I was told about it) I found so amazing and great thing! Anyway, he was a soldier as his father and it was during the WWII, so all what he has after his father (and he found that as a really "cool" thing), he gave me yesterday. Now, as a suprise gift I have hundrets of maps of Europe, the whole World and Poland during The WWII and after until the map was quite stabile. We've collected the maps and leave some and the copies I got to increase my own hobby - I'm making now some unique envelopes. Let me tell you something about my newest update in my shop.

 I've personalised them and made special and you know what? It felt good. Yesterday's evening, me and my parents were selcting the maps, because it would be a pitty if they're all destroyed that's why I'm having this maps which were as a multiple sheets.  I thought that it would be a bit boring If I sell a "naked" map envelope that's why I had an wanderlust idea with the greatest motto of all: "Not all those who wander are lost". And the idea came very quickly...

Because: what else than Bilbo Baggins with a pipe?!?
Anyway, it looks now like this:

And the Bilbo onto the envelope is painted by me. Well, it's not a masterpiece but I absolutely love the final effect! If you're interested, feel free to visit my shop "snailmail". The icon is on the top right corner of my page.


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