Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Andsmile studio and her gorgeous giveaway

In the latest week I was participating in a lovely giveaway hosted by andsmile studio. I really loved it, but I didn't think that there is a chance for me to win something of her lovely artworks. At her Etsy shop you can find many interesting pins as much like Benedict Cumberbatch broches! How cool is that? So, I've won somethin from her newest projects.

I was so suprised when I've found a lovely turquoise parcel in my mailbox. All was lovely packed and it made me really happy. 

Inside I've found designed postcard and notebook, all made and printed in London. How cool are Royal Mail, ayeee? 
The main thing was this lovely brooch - this redbeard is so darn cute. It's all handmade and I was gonna buy some of her artworks, but I had some luck and now I have one safe & sound in my home!
Ain't that fancy? 

Anyway, I loved the whole thing. If you are interested of what it looks like from the inside, you can visit my instagram or andsmilestudio's one.  You can find there some of the latest designs. 


  1. Such lovely things your received! I love the pretty designs and portraits Viktorija makes!

  2. Hi! I love your blog. I'm new to this, so could you tell me how to follow blogs? (I'd like to follow yours) thanks!

    1. Hello there, dear! Thank you very much, well the easiest way is to click the button to follow on the right side of my blog or follow me via facebook or Instagram as I'm updating the informations all the time. :)